How to Choose the Perfect Bespoke Lodge for Your Resort.

Competition in the hospitality sector is fierce. As the sector re-opens following the Covid-19 pandemic, going the extra mile to win over visitors will be crucial as life gradually returns to normal. Holidaymakers, weekenders and glampers are continually looking for innovative, new experiences whilst having increasingly high expectations of their accommodation. For years now there has been no place left in the market for providers of shoddy, sub-standard rooms that looked great in a brochure but less so when guests arrive – they quickly get called out by a string of damning reviews on social media or review platforms. Back in 2018, The Guardian reported on the sheer impact TripAdvisor has on the travel industry:

‘Every month, 456 million people – about one in every 16 people on earth – visit some tentacle of to plan or assess a trip. For virtually every place, there exists a corresponding page.’1

Today even minor defects or missing facilities are quickly highlighted, as the hospitality industry struggles to keep up with customer expectations. Important, The Guardian goes on to report another vital statistic regarding the impact of reviews on sales:

‘Likewise, positive reviews can transform an establishment’s fortunes. Researchers studying Yelp, one of TripAdvisor’s main competitors, found that a one-star increase meant a 5-9% increase in revenue.’1

Whether you are running a hotel requiring extra rooms, a themed attraction or a holiday park, it’s vital to be aware of the latest developments; to know exactly what is possible and to be sure of providing the best value accommodation for your target audience. With so many changes in the fast-moving world of bespoke lodge, we take a look at some key points to consider when choosing the perfect lodge design for your business:

⦁ Flexibility – Consider if the lodge be tailored to the needs and expectations of customers in your target market. Some guests prefer only a place to rest overnight with the bare essentials, but many require a great deal more creature comforts than they might expect at home! As the name suggests, our Flexilodge concept is built entirely around flexibility. The number and size of rooms, décor, fixtures, fittings, furnishings and accessories can be tailored to the very last detail

⦁ Protecting Your Brand – When buying lodges to extend the capacity of onsite hotel accommodation or expand your holiday park, you need to make sure the bespoke lodges provided are in keeping with your brand and uphold the quality your customers have come to expect. Flexilodge provides robust accommodation with customisable accessories and interiors that include bespoke internal feature walls in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. Plus, we have a superb range of fittings and furnishings available to ensure coordination with your existing corporate branding or plenty of differentiation for boutique style hotel rooms

⦁ Outward Appearance – Whilst some are content with a traditional lodge or static caravan, modern consumers are increasingly seeking new, unusual experiences. Why not wow your visitors with a stylish bespoke lodge, outdoor lighting effects or a special decorative theme on the outside creating the perfect first impression? Flexilodge walls are made from durable materials that are easy to clean so they stay looking pristine in harsh environments. What’s more you can let your imagination run riot as we create an outer look to match the theme of your park or attraction – from a jungle wilderness to fairground attraction

⦁ Longevity – To ensure the best possible return on investment from your lodges, you need to make sure they stand the test of time – remaining in serviceable condition for as long as possible whilst retaining a superb experience for guests use after use. Flexilodge is constructed with a robust steel frame, strong insulated walls and a roof guaranteed for 25 years, providing a safe home from home for your visitors

⦁ Environmental Credentials – Across all aspects of life, consumers are becoming ever more concerned about the environmental impact of companies. They quickly observe where companies are making progress to reduce carbon emissions, increase recycling and protect the environment, often choosing to support them with their custom and loyalty. Kuoni refers to this latest brand of traveller in their 2020 travel report:

‘Nobody wants to say: “Do you remember holidays?”, but if we fail to make changes, travel as we know it could become a thing of the past…. True luxury means freedom of choice: the freedom to choose rail over air, low impact lodges over energy intensive hotels, local produce over imported food…’2

The core components of our bespoke lodges have been created with sustainability at their heart. Heat is retained in the winter, whilst inside is cool in the summer due to the thick insulation, limiting energy needed for temperature regulation. Meanwhile, recycled or recyclable materials are used throughout the lodge construction and solar panels can be installed to power most small appliances provided inside.

When looking for your next lodge, don’t forget to take time to consider all possibilities for a modern, bespoke lodge – now is the time to break away from the norm. Flexilodge brings truly bespoke accommodation to the marketplace that will serve the rigorous demands of customers for years to come. For an initial chat with our friendly team or to book a visit to our showroom to see just how endless the possibilities can be, please contact us today.

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