How Flexilodge Delivers Environmentally Sustainable Holiday Lodges

The trend towards sustainable consumerism

Whilst more eager and excited to explore a vast world of opportunities than ever before, consumers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of their actions, and in turn, the behaviour of companies they buy from. Ask among friends and family and you’re bound to find a real sense of responsibility among them to preserve the world for future generations to enjoy.

Back as far as 2017, a survey of Americans by Cone Communications1 suggested 87% of consumers will have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues. The same survey also found that 88% will be more loyal to these more ethically responsible companies. Such trends are well documented across developed nations and are even more pronounced among millennials. Generally, well-educated with greater awareness of environmental issues than their predecessors, this generation is working its way up in the workplace and has increased spending power. Successful companies of the future are most likely to be those that prove worthy of receiving the spend of this informed generation and those to follow.

Sustainable tourism is order of the day

Whilst younger generations remain eager to travel and explore the world, often much more than their grandparents, maybe even their parents, were ever inclined or able to do, there is growing concern over the impact regular, extensive travel and tourism is having on our environment. Take for instance the increase in cheap flights and air travel pre-Covid-19: Whilst the majority of people would not want to see their ability to travel abroad diminished, increased air travel has become a major polluter with links to climate change, contributing to the destruction of the very beauty spots and habitats they may well want to visit. With this and many other scenarios in mind, consumers are increasingly supportive of companies that minimise waste and utilise new technologies that enable them to pursue a varied interesting lifestyle whilst lessening their impact on the environment.

Levels of concern for environmental sustainability vary among consumers and how much it can influence their spend varies enormously. At one end of the spectrum a whole industry has emerged to cater for those looking for eco-friendly, sustainable getaways whilst others may simply make slight adjustments to their travel plans to do their bit towards safeguarding the planet. One thing is for certain – holiday accommodation, being only part of the vacation experience, is not immune from scrutiny by this new breed of eagle-eyed consumer. With holiday parks often situated in areas of natural beauty including sensitive woodland environments, protected habitats or coastlines, park owners need to think carefully about how to make their lodges environmentally sustainable.

Flexilodge – Built with sustainability in mind from the ground up

Utilising a modular design and an endless range of bespoke options, Flexilodge is the ultimate in modern day lodging. But it’s not just sleek exteriors and stunning interior design that sets Flexilodge apart from the competition; our lodges have been built with future sustainability at the heart of what we do. Here are some of the ways we have designed Flexilodge to help park owners ensure their accommodation is sustainable and meets the needs of the new ethical consumer:

  • Special insulation – Flexilodge remains cool in the summer and warm in the Winter with only a minimal requirement for heating or cooling down the accommodation, saving heaps of energy
  • Long lasting exterior – The exterior of our lodges is built to last even in harsh environments whilst being super easy to maintain. Less materials are needed to replace or maintain lodges over the longer term, ensuring maintenance costs are kept to a minimum in addition to saving precious resources.
  • Solar powered – We can fit solar panels to the Flexilodge meaning that most appliances and sockets can be powered using solar energy alone.
  • Composite decking – Compliment the outside of your Flexilodge with composite decking from Qualdeck [link to Qualdeck page of Treo website], also part of the Treo Group. Made from recycled plastic and wood from sustainable sources, this decking is longer lasting than traditional wooden decking and continues to look great for years to come.
  • Durability – A sturdy steel frame construction, roofing guaranteed for 20 years and panoramic double-glazed aluminium Bi-fold doors ensures our lodges are built to stand the test of time. Save precious resources as well as the cost of regular replacements and ongoing maintenance.
  • Sensitive to their surroundings – The endless customisation options available from Flexilodge mean that we can style your new lodges to blend in perfectly with their surroundings and lessen visual impact in sensitive environments.

Keep your business ahead of the game and future proof with all the environmental benefits of Flexilodge without comprising on the quality of guest experience. To watch a video, view more photos or make an enquiry about our sustainable bespoke Flexilodge smart lodges, please click the link.


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