How to Choose the Perfect Garden Room

Let’s face it, during the last year many of us have spent a lot more time around the home than we had ever contemplated was possible! Work and home-schooling has encroached on our private spaces and looks set to continue for some time to come. In 2021, why not treat yourself to the perfect garden room? These stunning spaces are a great enhancement that provide a little extra space or a stunning retreat from the stresses of everyday life! With so many garden rooms on the market to choose from, how do you go about choosing the best one for your lifestyle?

The main purpose of your garden room – A garden room can help to enhance your lifestyle in a variety of different ways from a space to workout, study, play with the kids or simply relax. The most important thing is whether the garden room design you choose will enable you to use the new room for its intended purpose. For example, working in a garden room without mains power or internet connection would be practically impossible and likewise working out in a smouldering sun lounge.

Space and positioning – Think very carefully about how much space you have within your garden and where is best to position your new garden room. A large garden room in a very small garden could be a very overpowering feature, whilst a poorly positioned garden room will not provide the best possible views of your garden to enjoy. Think about other activities that take place in your garden such as barbecues or kid’s playtime so that it is not positioned in the way or likely to get damaged.

Consider glass alternatives – Whilst garden rooms and conservatories have traditionally contained a lot of glass providing panoramic views, this is not always ideal for sunny spots. High temperatures inside can become too intense in the summer and these rooms often become too cold or damp to enjoy in the winter meaning that use is limited to very few days of the year. Garden Rooms made with special insulation such as our very own Sublime Rooms, help to regulate temperature throughout the year whilst large bi-fold doors enable you to take in surroundings and open up the frontage when weather conditions are perfect. It should also be mentioned that a sturdy garden room with a solid exterior is likely to be much safer than a glass house if you have children playing outside.

Blending in with the surroundings or make a statement – Whilst there are some fairly cheap off-the-shelf garden rooms available on the market, these do not come with the opportunity to tailor the exterior of your garden room to it’s surroundings – quite simply, what you see is what you get. Choosing a premium garden room specialist such as Sublime Rooms means that you will be able to choose from a range of exterior materials, colours, lighting effects and other features for the outside of your room, ensuring that it becomes a stunning feature or blends in effortlessly with the rest of your home.

The chance to make it your own – When looking at garden room providers, consider whether you will have the interior options available to truly create the desired effect for your new space. Some off-the-shelf options provide little more than a basic shell with varying degrees of quality. However, with careful planning a high-quality interior finish can be achieved that mirrors the quality you expect throughout the rest of your home. A premium provider will be able to provide high quality wall finishes, feature walls, integrated power sockets, durable flooring and even installations such as toilets or wash hand basins inside your garden room. 

Construction and durability – A well made garden room can provide a fantastic addition to your home for years to come and add value to your property should you need to sell it. Often investing just a little bit more into your garden room at the outset will mean that is made from durable, longer lasting materials giving you better value for money in the long-term. When considering a quote, it’s important to check what materials will be used in the construction and how long they are expected to last. Reputable manufacturers will be able to give you long guarantees on the most important parts of your garden room such as the roof providing peace of mind.

Maintenance – The design and build quality of your garden room is important for determining how much up-keep it will need over the longer term. For instance, wooden exteriors can be prone to decay or attack from wood boring insects if they are not regularly painted and treated with care. Felt roofs need periodic replacement to prevent leaks and UPVC finishes can be subject to weakening from intense sunlight. Premium manufacturers such as Sublime Rooms utilise the latest exterior finishes and materials that last for many years and are easy to clean. If looking at low cost or more traditional styles of garden room, it is important to consider whether you have the ability and time to complete regular maintenance work such as roofing and painting to keep your room looking good after being exposed to the elements. The cost of such maintenance should also be factored into the overall costs of your garden room project.

We believe that Sublime Rooms provide an ideal combination of design flexibility with excellent quality. All of our garden rooms are built to last in our UK-based factory. For a free no obligation consultation about your next project, please call us on 02476 939 679 or send us a message here. A bespoke design and quotation can be provided for every project and we work with both individual purchasers and trade customers such as garden centres.


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